Jan 25, 2017

If Apple and Android are your friends, then choose one of our cables to carry around and charge your device wherever you go. This cable is equipped with an Apple Lightning or micro USB connector, so you can easily charge your Apple or Android devices without needing a mess of multiple cables.

Keep your handheld Apple or Android devices connected and charged wherever you go and whenever you want. With 3.28 ft. of length, this cable provides enough leeway to keep your device within reach while it's connected.

Supports iPhones, iPads, and iPods with Lightning ports (Suitable for iPhone, as well as Android smartphones and tablets

What is this cable good for?

It is good for all iPhones since iPhone 5!

The IOS lightening connector is for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus

Why will you like this leather cable?

When holding the leather-feel cable and your phone in hand, you will have a lovely and classical feeling beyond compare! It is more than a cable line but contributes to an aura of intrigue.

Leather fabric is perfect for creating a strong, classic statement piece in your home or in your purse. Our leather is perfect for maintaining the strength of the cable line. It is never easy to make our leather cable break-in. Keep yourself safe.

 This animal-friendly fabric isn't just for décor. Let your creative side go wild and enjoy the convenience it brings to your life! Our cable will stand the test of time. Holding a cup of coffee, and enjoying an upgraded quality of your life.

Cable features either an Apple Lightning and micro USB connector. Fashionable and classical cables: colors of bright yellow, shiny blue, dark blue, purplish red, chocolate and dark brown. The bobbin winder is included!

1000 mm length: Easy to store and take on the go. Rabang hand sewn process: we chose the best imported ultra-fine leather materials: excellent tolerance, simple and comfortable. It is designed for you! Our materials, colors, texture are greatly compatible with your favorite mobile devices and your home setting!

We have adopted the German imports of the gold-plated process. The cable line is made of the space alloy material, standing the test of time. We made advanced protection equipment, giving you the best high-speed, safest experiences with your phone connected with our cable.

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