Jan 30, 2017

This form-fitting thermoplastic polyurethan (known as TPU) case covers the back and corners of your phone with an impact resistant, hard plastic shell. It also provide access to the volume buttons, home button, Sleep/Wake button and curves of your device without adding bulk. TPU made for the iPhone case is a shock absorbent, shatterproof, and anti-scratch material.

The cases are designed to use the decoupage technique to attach a beautiful multicolor Cameo luxury image on the back of the case. Then they are coated with top quality layers, which are clear professional non-toxic varnish, so as to protect the case from scratches or drops. The cases are made to meet a high standard. Moreover, the designs of the case epitomize good quality and unique design to turn your phone into a chic accessory.

It is a shiny, cameo-designed, three-dimensional, and environmental-friendly gloss finish that elevates your phone’s new look! The precisely designed impact-absorbing layer protects your phone from scratches and drops.

Build your phone with cameo artwork: your phone can never be more creative. Make a statement for your beautiful and fashionable phone! Korean-style and Japanese-style phone cover make you stand out among your peers! Make your phone shine every day!

How to make the original and artwork phone cases:

  • First step: Design and paint the picture.
  • Second step: Use decoupage technique to attach a multi-color Cameo luxury image. Painting repeatedly.
  • Third step: Fill out color, gloss finish with non-toxic varnish.

Holding your case in hand with a dimensional and quality stand-out texture

Freedom in the Dream: Cutie daisy pattern with a lonely bird singing a love song to his love in a swinging cage.

Pink spring garden in your hand: Winter is yet to come.

All-inclusive in London Britain: Rainy day with a lovely umbrella, double-deck bus, English Black Tea, Big Ben Clock Tower…What else are you dreaming of?

Jellyfish-ish flower: Jellyfish flower rifle in the garden. It is possible, right?

Movember: Wanted Moustache! We support men’s health!

Dollarfish run: Coloring your phone with the little fishes.

Singing in the Spring: When my sweetie cat is with me, all seasons are spring.

My Neighbor Totoro is also available for comic fans.

Daisy Summer: Sweet, with a playful innocence, vintage charm with a touch of irreverence.

Details of the phone shell: