Feb 01, 2017

What are the criteria to distinguish great shopping websites from mediocre ones? We should look at the speciality of the shopping website, the value and quality of the products, their services of making shopping easier, delivering products on time and providing warm customer support. Based on my experiences on “We Love Apple” shopping website, it definitely is the best source of for you, if you are looking for the iPhone cases and accessories with high quality and reasonable price.

Sick of browsing around a wide range of shops on eBay, Amazon or other websites for your iPhone accessories? You just don’t know the sellers so it is hard to tell whether they can guarantee the quality of the product. Sometimes the products are just expensive but low-end. When you want to return it, the shipping cost sucks. It could be more expensive when you add up transport, tax and possible return-cost: an item is not as cheap as it seems. If you do not want to waste money and burden yourself with more unused merchandise on the Apple accessories, this review is for you!

In this blog, I will show you what “We Love Apple” is, what they specialize per se, and what their main features as an outstanding shopping website.


The Apple Accessories that Enhance Your Life and Inspire You.

Established in 2012, “We Love Apple” is the professional Apple accessories online shopping site based and operated in the New Zealand who sell the accessories made for iPhone, iPad and Macbook, from vintage style to modern chic. Founded by three enthusiastic fans of Apple products, they want to convey a message to all the Apple users: they aim to make your phone or high-tech iPhone products safe and fashionable at all time. The company has two warehouses to collect and distribute the best quality of the Apple accessories in the world: one is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and the one in Shenzhen, China. Before on selling the new products, it promises that the staff will use and test all the products first to ensure all provided within the top-quality collects. Everyday, they endlessly serach for the most user-friendly products for the fans of Apple.


We Love Apple” focuses on shopping for fashion, beauty, and décor for your Apple products, offering a wide range of hot times, including cables, cases & covers of all kinds, screen protector, selfie stick, and so on. Among selling all the popular items, this online shop also has the featured and the best-selling magic “anti-graity” iPhone case sticking to glass, mirror or the smooth and flat surface where is applicable. It is perfect for going hands-free. You can find whatever you need that matchs your iPhones from the vintage 4s to the most updated 7/7 plus.


We Love Apple” has offered so much more than just distinctively beautiful accesories. It also offers a distinctive personalized service that reflects your individual personality, tastes and your statement when you craft and designs your own case. I believe that the products you choose for your phone should exceed functionality and transform your smart phone into stunning, inspring, and chic technology in-hand. Where you can go on this shopping site is to custom your case to your unique personal needs.


What Makes “We Love Apple” a Great Shopping Site?


You should have no problem telling what this shopping website sells – Apple assecories as mentioned above, and finding specific products and brands – including cases and covers, charging cables for your specific model. You can view well-designed pages and load fast without any pop-up windows and advertisements. You can also see the top-seeling products on the home page: don’t’ hesitate to click and check them out. When rrolling down the page, you can find contact information for customer service. Your shopping cart is handy and always on the top.


Once you have shopped, you can see what you have chosen and check out with little hassle. If you do not want it now, you can simply take off the product from the shopping cart and add it to the wishlist. Plus, you can see the total cost without having to check out. You also have the option to use PayPal as your payment method. Note: All the prices are shown in NZD.

Limited Time Offer

Buy $30 NZD, and get a free SmartPhone Adjustible Holder (value: $ 9.99 NZD)!


Free shipping sitewide! Any product any buys, the shipping fee is on the “We Love Apple,” not yours!

Return Policy
This shopping site has liberal return policies within the 30-day limit. You do not need to provide any reasons for return. Return shipping is always covered by “We Love Apple” for damaged and defective pieces within 30 days, which helps to make a return pretty painless.


To exchange or refund, the customer must return an item in the same condition as it was received, not used or altered in any way. The customer must also include, in the same condition as it was received. Package materials should also be returned. Damaged return or used item may incur an additional charge.


Customer Support

It will have e-mail notification and trackers that show the status of your order. Above all, someone in their customer service team is easy to reach either by phone, e-mail, regular mail, or social media. Also, the site displays an overall rating star system based on user feedback and the most helpful positive and negative reviews voted on by customers for all the products it sells.


Above all, this NZ based and operated shop “We Love Apple” will bring you an unparalleled variety of exciting style, unique finishes, fresh colors and unequaled quality of iPhone/iPad/Mac cases.