Jan 09, 2017

We have several kinds of phone cases for our customers to choose. The most popular one is called “The real flower phone case”, which embeds the preserved fresh flower into a ultra-thin transparent soft case after several complicated processes. You don’t need to worry about the flower will move, wither or fade, we promise you the best quality. The customers have dozens of choices including sunflower, sakura, daisy, and so on. We could also use different kinds of flowers to make your own phone case. The beauty of handcraft is not able to duplicated. There are no two leaves that are the same in the world. We will use the most beautiful flowers to solidify the beauty, just for special you.

We also offer original personalized phone cases made by hand. Every case is unique and made by our design spirits. Most of the accessories are three-dimensional and looks exquisite

We also offer the customized pompon case that is also made by hand. The pompon is made by rex rabbit fur and according to the customer’s own requirements. This case is also unique and cute, the pompon could also protect the phone especially during the winter.

The cream phone case is also a popular product because of the high quality, fashion and cute style, and the creative ideas. It is called “Cream phone case ” because it looks like a real cream, but it’s actually made by simulated imported cream and it’s not edible. This cream needs 3 to 5 days to dry and it’s also unique.

We also have the embossment phone case but it is not hand-made. We use the best material and the most scrupulous process to make a unique phone case. Our concept is to find and solidify the beauty. Everyone is unique, please trust us to customize your unique beauty.