Dec 21, 2016


So, you have just bought an iPhone. Congratulations! It must be a great feeling to be the proud owner of a smartphone by this brand which feels nothing less than a fashion accessory. You will soon be making a style statement.

But, have you bought a case for it yet? And not just any case - a good quality iPhone case?

It’s true that phones feel better without any casing, but you need one. Otherwise, before you know, your phone may sustain multiple scratches that may damage the beauty of this precious little baby. So don’t even question whether or not you need a case for your iPhone. You do need it and you know you do.

It’s always good to know what benefits of buying a case for your phone are. Take a look -

Helpful in preventing accelerometer damage - This is a particular component within the iPhone which is responsible for the screen tilt effect. It is because of this particular component that users are able to switch between landscape and portrait view. In addition to that, various apps like Bump and Pedometer rely on the accelerometer to function. In the absence of an iPhone case, this particular component becomes quite susceptible to shock during abrupt and quick movements. Accelerometer not functioning is like eating a beef sandwich just after losing the meat. You may still eat it, but you know it won’t be as good as it could.


It’s like a helmet for your phone - In case the helmet breaks, at least your head will still be protected. The same way, your phone needs protection from sustaining scratches on the surface. If you accidently dropped your phone, the outer finish of the phone could easily be damaged. And, that could result in the reduced resale value. Smartphones by Apple happen to be of sturdy making. They don’t easily break when dropped. But, they can develop scratches. A case creates a rubbery barrier between the phone and the surface that it comes in touch with.


Protection to the screen - If there’s one thing Apple smartphones are most popular for, it’s the smooth touch screen functioning. So, you must protect it. An iPhone case offers you that protection. The case or the bumper offers protection to the edges and the corners of the phone. But screen protectors make sure that the screen doesn't become blemished, and full of scratches/cracks. Even if you don’t drop your phone, in the absence of a screen protector, soon your phone will start showing a lot of scratches and it won’t feel as good in functioning as it once used to.



A small investment can sometimes go a long way in protecting the bigger ones. Investing in a good iPhone case is a fine example of that. So, if you happen to be a fresh owner of a brand new iPhone, don’t waste your any more time before investing in a quality case for your lovely smartphone.