Dec 12, 2016



If you have your very own iPhone 7, then you should be aware of how sophisticated it is as a smartphone, and how elegant and high-toned its design is. That is why purchasing the best phone case is necessary to prolong your iPhone 7. An iPhone 7 case is supposed to protect your device from cracks, water, shocks, and other damage because of its fragility. There are numerous online shops that specialize in creating unique design and styles for the iPhone 7 case, and offer them for a price. Some online shops offer protective cases that can withstand long hours in water, targeting iPhone 7 users who are adventurous and outgoing.


Here are some of the online shops that offer the best iPhone 7 cases that you can choose from.


Case-Mate iPhone 7 Cases

The cases from are mostly labeled as “military grade”, which means that the smartphone case has passed the Military Standard drop test qualification. It is tested by dropping the iPhone 7 with the case on for 26 repetitions with different falling height. From the quality assurance trials encountered by the cases, you can be sure of your phone’s integrity and protection with the proven high-standard quality. Furthermore, Case-Mate offers a lifetime warranty on all the cases, including the stylish designs carved in each case.



iPhone 7 users, who wish to personalize the design of their cases, often turn to Casetify for the service. Casetify has committed to making your photos into long-lasting memories that are crafted with the case, and it guarantees high-quality standard on each case through their manual hand inspection. Aside from the innovation personalization of the cases, Casetify also offers a wide range of collections, designed by celebrities and local artists. Casetify also shares the profit with those artists whose artworks have been curated for the iPhone 7 case.



The iPhone 7 cases of Lifeproof has been proven to withstand submersion for until one hour, to get sealed from dust and dirt, to conceal from snow and ice, and to survive a drop of two meters. The cases have passed the Military Standard that makes them reliable and trustworthy to use during rough times. Moreover, Lifeproof cases have also passed the international standard for Ingress Protection against solids and liquids, which means that the phone case guarantees to avert water, dirt and snow from damaging your iPhone 7.



Speck products are geared with a shock-absorbent, Impactium that is essential for accidental drops. Speck’s Presidio is the product line specializing in iPhone 7 cases, which are designed to be slim while tailored with the scratch-resistant feature. Another important feature of Presidio case is the rubber ridges that prevent you from slipping your iPhone 7. Presidio also offers cases iPhone 7 cases with glitters that are resistant to UV yellowing.


When you decide to buy an iPhone 7 case online, you need to consider your lifestyle and how you want your iPhone 7 to be part of your everyday routine, whether you are the outgoing type or the fashionable type. The most important factor in buying an iPhone 7 case online is its ability to maintain your phone’s state and condition.