Dec 12, 2016



If you’re an iPhone 7 user, then you may have considered buying the best case to protect your phone from water, dents, shocks and scratches. Since an iPhone 7 has cost you much, owning a case is sensible enough to prolong your handset and to keep it safely. Not only it is meant for protection, it also defines your personality and lifestyle based on the phone case’s design and style.


Your phone case should be at a minimal design in which it won’t limit the way you use your phone, and it won’t interfere operations with wireless signals. Moreover, it must possess a high level of shock absorption in case you accidentally drop your iPhone 7 and someone bumps into it. Accidents are ubiquitous that we can prevent, especially the mishap of shattering the screen.


Choosing the most suitable case for your phone is entirely on your hands, and it is fair enough that we show some of the top-grade iPhone 7 cases that are still in demand due to their durability and stability.


Mikol Carrara White Marble Case



The Mikol Carrara iPhone 7 case is a shell case that is tailored with real marble and fiberglass to avert your handset from shattering, and it is incredibly slim as if your iPhone is not wearing one. The Mikol Marble case is considered to be a luxury case due to its unique gray vein design with white background.


Hitcase Shield Case

Hitcase Shield Case offers waterproof and drop-proof features that are suitable for adventurous and outgoing iPhone 7 users. The case is not bulky compared to waterproof rugged cases, and it is composed of pure aluminum, protecting your phone from a drop of six feet.


Nodus Shell Case


The Nodus Shell Case is geared with polycarbonate core with microfiber lining to serve as a shock-absorber, and it is enveloped with Italian leather to provide a classy look-and-feel. The case is also tailored with a magnet dock that you can use to attach your iPhone 7 anywhere.


Dog & Bone Wetsuit Case

The Dog & Bone Wetsuit case is designed to be slim to provide better feel with your iPhone 7, and it is geared with drop-proof, shock-proof and waterproof features. Each case has been military tested to ensure the quality of the features.


i-Blason Waterproof Case

i-Blason Waterproof case is tested to be waterproof, shock-proof, drop-proof and dust-proof, and it can keep your iPhone 7 protected and dry for around 30 minutes when submerged in water. With all the trusted features that most iPhone 7 users always want, the i-Blason case is only lightweight as to not impede the normal weight of your handset.


Otterbox Defender Series Case


The Otterbox case offers hardcore protection from dust, dirt, drop and scratches. This case is actually bulky because it contains a built-in screen protector, an accessible belt clip for easy attachment, and a holster for an immediate stand. Some iPhone 7 users may not prefer a bulky case to carry with their handsets, but the Otterbox case guarantees to prolong the quality condition of the iPhone 7.


Keep in mind that when you go shopping for an iPhone 7 case, it is better to minimize the unnecessary embellishments so that the case won’t hinder your phone usability.