Jan 26, 2017

Keep your iPhone 7 display safe and crystal clear with this tempered glass screen protector. This is the strongest tempered glass screen protection available: 3X stronger than the competitor in the market!

What’s included in the package: Smart Apply tab and align tray for easy installation! Do-it-yourself, and make your phone bubble free and clean!

Brand and Model Compatibility: Apple iPhone 7/ Apple iPhone 7s

Colour: Crystal Clear


Ultimately Extra-Strength and More Durable Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

  • 3X Shock Absorbent and Anti-Scratch
  • 3X Anti-Blue Light
  • 3X Fingerprint-Free

This screen protector has already been sold over 190,000 pieces so far, with over 4.8 out of 5 remarkably high reviews! The most popular screen protector with lifetime quality guarantee!

The extra-strength tempered Glass material has the most advanced technology for impact-resistant shatter protection. Enjoy a smudge-free screen with this oil-resistant, scratch-resistant and fingerprint-free shield. It gives you excellent touch sensitivity and image clarity. In addition, this ESR screen protector has Apply tab and align tray for a smooth, bubble-free, easy-to-use application.

The most innovative technology this ESR protector featuring with is radiation-proof and anti-blue light protector. This innovative design of glass allows your phone stay thin, transparent and yet more protective than the regular glass designed screen protector. It features a significantly increase in drop performance. This screen protector can filter the blue light smartphones emit. It not only protects your phone from scratches or drops but also protects your eyes from the possible fatigue and overuse of your phone.

The real anti-blue light screen protector displays the front with a color of transparent light yellow. It displays the side with blue-purple light.

It has also run a performance test for tear and cut resistance. In daily life, with the ESR protector, your phone can resist conventional forms of scratches.

It is compatible with all kinds of iPhone Cases, including PC hard shell, metal case, extra-shock proof case or TPU soft shell. Featuring with 2.5D half round edge, the screen protector aims to give you a smooth and soft touch of the exterior. It feels great in your hand.

The ESR screen protector will not entirely cover the screen of the iPhone 7/7s because of the round edge. No need to worry about it: its design is perfectly fit and compatible with the model. You will have an even better experience with the ESR case protector.

Shop now, you will never regret!